The Carver’s Cave

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. This time, they may be fatal.

While searching for a series of missing people in the Galago Hills, the party comes across a cave decorated with disturbingly life-like statues.

What lurks in the cave isn’t anything as simple as a monstrous basilisk, however. After all, what evil could possibly be as dark and dangerous as that which lurks in the heart of mortal men?

Written by best-selling DM’s Guild author R.M. Jansen-Parkes,?The Carver’s Cave?is an adventure like no other. It plays on the party’s assumptions and challenges their problem-solving ability like never before.

Includes high-quality adventure including maps and artwork, print-friendly adventure, reference maps and high-resoultion maps.

  • Recommended Level:?3-4 (includes instructions for scaling difficulty)
  • Estimated play time:?3-5 hours
  • Dificulty:?Medium-Hard
  • Setting:?Wilderness
  • Themes:?Wilderness, Social, Investigation

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